Effe 2 Studio e Confezioni was founded in 1982, thanks to the intuition of Fontanella spouses and their extensive experience gained in the textile sector. Specialised in the tailoring of clothing articles on behalf of renowned brands, today the company is an actual reference point for internationally renowned maisons.


The company is extremely sensitive to the quality of the ordered products and developed a double quality control system on the fabric and also on finished articles, aimed at obtaining the established standards. Our clients expect the Made in Italy in every production phase, for a product quality with no compromises.


Effe 2 Studio e Confezioni produces a wide range of articles, among which t-shirts, polos, shirts, dresses, sweatshirts and jackets in knitwear. All the items are made with jersey fabric and can be matched to plain dyed woven fabrics, leather or other materials, also with typical knitwear works (e.g. mending).