Our types of Product

Effe 2 Studio e Confezioni produces a wide range of articles, among which
-shirts, polos, shirts, dresses, sweatshirts and jackets in knitwear.

All the items are made with jersey fabric and can be matched to
plain dyed woven fabrics, leather or other materials, also with
typical knitwear works (e.g. mending).

During the years, Effe2 acquired particular experience in various finishing
treatments for its products, that confer them a unique coat and aspect.

Study and Development

The company assists its customers in choosing the materials
and best treatments, supporting them professionally
in the stylistic and model development.

Our Production Cycle

Effe2’s clients expect the Made in Italy in every production phase, for a product quality with no compromises.
In order to fulfil this request, the company relies exclusively on Italian suppliers with regards to the procurement of raw materials and development of each work phase.

Prototypes and Samples

During the first phase of the production cycle, the prototypes and samples are studied, tailored and finished inside the company.

Choice of the Fabric

The fabric chosen by the customer, is purchased by Effe2.
Alternatively, the client can evaluate and select alternative options suggested by Effe2.

Cutting, Tailoring and Ironing

The cutting, tailoring and ironing of productions take place at laboratories that almost
exclusively work for Effe2 and are located in the same geographical area of the company.


After a careful check, Effe2 ships the productions.